Friday, 29 April 2016

Why is Zahra Haider Wrong?

I read her article about "Having Sex in Pakistan" (Source) that was focused on premarital sex in Pakistan and astonishingly it got so much attention while being so distant from reality. I strongly believe in liberal values but there are huge contradictions in your stated opinion and reality.

You started your article by quoting Express Tribune claiming that Pakistan is most porn searching country. I admit that it is pervasive in Pakistani society but this claim is factually wrong and misleading. Express Tribune claimed that these figures are based on Google data but in their links there is no mention of Google. The link provided by Express Tribune is based on some website named Salon which I am sure you have not heard of too. Pakistan has a sizeable audience for such website but it is not the country with top searches. Pakistan might be topping the list in some less common such keywords. For example, the search "porn" is a highly searched for term and Pakistan does not rank in this term in the top ten and if I am not wrong it does not rank in top 40.
Around 15.9% of Pakistani population have access to the internet which means that we have around 30 million internet users. America is said to have 40 million porn surfers which are bigger than total internet surfing population of Pakistan. 

Zahra Haider sarcastically referred to all religious people as judgmental and I take serious offense in that. I am religious and I do believe in the practice of religion as a personal choice. If she believes in liberal values then she should respect a person's choice of being religious. And implying that every religious man is judgmental means is not respecting.

There are a number of contradictions in her article which makes this article less credential. She claims to have sex with around a dozen of partners and yet she didn't know about masturbation that makes me believe that all she wanted was create a shock effect and get some attention which she did.
Then she claims that Pakistanis do not have access to contraceptives and have to resort to unsafe techniques. If I have to accept this claim then I have to assume that she never visited a medical or general store in Pakistan.

Very confidently she claims that most of the Pakistanis indulge in premarital which is an evidence of her disconnect with the masses and she does not have any figures to justify her claim. Her claim seems to be entirely based on elite social circles in which she socializes. And she mentions of sex as a taboo but she fails to understand that it is a taboo by choice and she needs to respect the choice of other people just like she wants her choice to be respected.

She believes is liberal values and democracy go hand and hand with liberal values. The majority of Pakistanis decide to have the Islamic Republic of Pakistan rather than the Secular Republic of Pakistan so the majority should prevail and she has to respect it. Until the day when this percentage shifts to her side, she needs to respect the land of the law and live according to it.
She has done more damage to the cause of female rights than good. The problems faced by females of Pakistan are different than those mentioned by Zahra. Her articles aim to please the segment of the society which is in total disconnect with the ground realities of Pakistan. She has dissuaded the people who might have been advocate for women rights and liberal values at large.

Open to healthy debate.


  1. I agree to what you say...Zahra's article was a personal reflection of her sex life I wonder what message she wanted to convey as there is no message of any kind for social betterment.

    1. Yes, we believe that too...We find this article an attention seeking trick...She misquoted facts and also negated the values she believes in...She is factually and ideologically wrong in this article...Thank you for your feedback...

  2. She is an extremist in my opinion. Pakistan is battling with extremists like Taliban and now these kind are also a threat to Pakistan. Both wanted to impose their personal ideologies. May Allah save Pakistan

  3. Yes, the threat to Pakistan is extremism. Be it left wing or right wing. We need to stop these people with logic. Ridiculing or abusing will do more harm than good.