Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Miserable Response by Pakistan to Quetta Attacks

Quetta Attack could not warrant trends on social media.

The Police Training School in Quetta was attacked late on Monday when three gunmen wearing suicide vests stormed into the building and indiscriminately killed those young guys. Yes they were young guys, nothing more and nothing less. A lot have been written and discussed that how did it happen? Who was responsible? If this is ever going to end? If yes, how long before all this ends? But I would like to divert your attention to something else, and that is our national hypocrisy.

We, as a nation, have a habit of posting statuses about grievances, revenge, and how sad we feel about. I have seen Paris filters and statuses about Orlando shootings and condemnations. I am all in for them, but why we did not do that for victims of Quetta attack. Have we got too desensitized for that? Do we take their lives as less sacred ones? Are do we have more important issues to discuss? Let us dissect that...

Quetta Terror Attack
Ambulance rushing injured to the hospital. (Dawn News)

Chairman PTI Imran Khan:

I find it important to disclose here that I voted for PTI and plan to do so in next election too. But I was really disappointed with the way Imran Khan handled the situation and tried to relate it to a conspiracy to impair Islamabad Shutdown. No, it wass not a conspiracy and this is not an issue to mislead the nation from what is the cause and who is responsible i.e. violent and extremist elements. Let us stick together on that because that is how we may be able to defeat it.

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif:

Dear Mr. Defence Minister, lives have been lost and you opt to score politically on that. If it was a mature democracy, you and your fellow legislators would have been held responsible for inactions. I thought that the best response to terrorism will be that we come out of it more united and more pragmatic. I am sorry to say that we have learned nothing from the turmoil we are fighting for last 15 years or so. 

Religious Clergy:

The religious clergy in Pakistan has failed us on a number of occasions and I find their actions equivalent to condoning voilence and terrorism. I would love to see the mainstream scholars condemning terrorism and making sure their followers do not lose the path. The veiled and ambiguous condemnation just confuse people even more. It is your responsibility to say out loud and clear where do you stand.

Social Media Activists:

"Chai Wala" (I have nothing against him) proved more important to Pakistan than those 60 people who lost their lives along with their wailing orphans, widows, mothers and others who loved them. I don't have any stats to prove that but I believe that our response was much muffled and lacking intensity than the way we reacted to Chai Wala and other recent social media celebs. Then there are other pages and accounts who are so consumed with comedy that they don't even bother.

I find it excruciatingly painful that we have become such a desensitized nation. To all PTI and PMLn social media activists, I will request them not to follow the party line on such incidents and convey to your parties that we will not be part of political scoring on such issues. Neither Imran Khan nor Nawaz Sharif is a security threat, they are just terrible at doing their jobs. We, as a nation, have to demand a more pragmatic and potent approach to this issue from the people in power corridors.

Let us take a moment to pray for the departed souls and grieved families. Aameen.

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