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"There is no truth. There is only perception." (Gustave Flaubert)

Pakistan has been going through some turbulent times for the last few decades and things have not been very good lately. One of the biggest thing that we have lost during these tough times is our reputation. The nation has suffered heavy human losses as well as economy has deteriorated drastically, but the nation is still resilient and very functional at the sub-state level. But the perception has developed somehow that we are some death cult who are willing to kill everyone unlike us and we do not believe in the culture of peaceful mutual co-existence. This effort is aimed at providing the counter-narrative to this popular, albeit ill-devised, perception of Pakistan. We aim to show to the world that we are peace loving, very friendly and a simple nation who believes in living and letting others live. We, as a nation, are victims of  some treacherous foreign policy decisions, ethically weak politicians, and non-conventional power struggles. We aim to put out to the world our softer and more realistic side.

We plan to promote a more realistic picture of Pakistan. In next few months, this website will be promoting Pakistan by highlighting the resolve of the nation, achievements of Pakistanis, natural beauty and diversity of culture and landscape.

Credit for this effort goes to;

Zeeshan Ayub (A Pakistani by soul and a Graphic Designer by profession)

Naveed Azam (A Pakistani by soul and an Accountant by profession)

Zia ul Haq (A Pakistani by Soul and a Web Designer by profession)

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